10.31.16Liz Repetto

Hey Arthur it was so fun to finally see your solo show at Vagabon Blues in Palmer, riding the Taxi was great too.

Would like to bring you to do ALL at Airport Heights Elementary School. You mentioned you'll be coming up to AK inthe spring for your CD releease tours so maybe we can make somethign happen then.

03.01.16Lorien Anderson

Hi Arthur!
We met Friday and I wanted to reach out and let yoy know I've already to the music teacher at our school, Mrs. Ketchum, and sent her the links to your awesome music experience. I think you'll be hearing from her soon!

I've also ordered the book and started listening to the podcasts.... wow. So many people (kids and teens and adults) will be helped by this!

Hope to hear from you soon,

08.15.15Joanna Branum

Hello! I saw you at Song School a few years ago and then just today at Folks Festival. I loved it!I play guitar and sing, and also play cello. I am interested in skype lessons. What are your fees?

I have used my LoudBox 60 when performing with my acoustic guitar (with a pickup) and a vocal mic. I don't LOVE working with the electronics, and I've found GarageBand to be onerous in my hobby/home studio setting. Would I do well to pick up a Boss RC-3 loop station from eBay, expecting to be able to plug it in and play?

Thanks for all you do.


10.08.14Victor Towle

I live in the Demver metro area and I am interested in taking a few individual lessons to work on over all production of my songs to take them to the next level. Including guitar vocal songwriting and recording issues.

02.05.14Angie Loney

I am interested in some infomation anda fee schedule for a short Artist in Residency at our K - 6 elementary school in West Des Moines, IA.

06.20.13Babe Gurr

Hey Arthur it wa really nice to meet you and Carol in Port Townsend. I was really sorry that we didn' get to see show as after watching the videos I was really impressed and would have loved to catch you live.
If you ever want to play up here in BC let me know and I will see if I can help you out with the venues.
All the best!



I'm an individual looking to develop a live looping performance. I beatbox and have a mic, and boss rc-50 set up so far. I also have Ableton with a AP-40 set up for my laptop, though I haven't figured out a good way to do live looping with that yet.

I want to perform somewhat like Dub-FX (youtube him if you don't know him.) So far, I have a good handle on the basics of my equipment. I always improvise, at least as of now, and I'd like to develop a good approach to improvising with my equipment so I can do it with more control. I'd also like to integrate effects and learn to create more sophisticated song structures through improv.

If you offer lessons or put on workshops for small groups or the public, I would love to know more about them. If you can recommend other lessons, workshops, or resources, I'd appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


ps. I'm in Connecticut outside Hartford.

02.06.12Gaelyn Hutchinson

Hey Arthur!

I want to start down the looping path (if minimally). Would you mind weighing in on what hardware I should start with? For some reason I couldn't pull up the "gear" tab under your website's "learn" section.

All the best!

12.05.11Brian Ford

Hey Arthur, I am a very good friend of matthew Moon which where I met you years ago in CO at LODO's on the Roof...At any rate, i LOVE "Summer rain" & used to have a copy of the studio version of that track. its gone......do you have a way I can download it or can you send it to me?? Much appreciated

08.29.11Carolyn Gardner

I am responsible for scheduling assemblies for WoodCreek Jr. High in Katy, Texas and am interested in your assembly for our 7th Grade students. Will you send me information on availability and pricing?
Carolyn Gardner

07.22.11Jen Ruhland

Hello! I am writing to find out if you would be willing to come back to our school district to do your "Art of Live Looping" show for our students. (You came back in 2008.) The date we're looking at is March 2nd, 2012. Please let me know if you're available and what your fees would be for three presentations (one per grade level - 6th, 7th and 8th). Thanks much! Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi! Just heard ya for the first time! You're bad ass dude! How much do you charge for lessons?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Friend, i love your work and what to share this with you..


Watching that video changed my whole approach to looping:

02.09.11Sharon McKenna

Can you please tell me if you are still doing your School Assembly program? I would like to send some information to our school principal for possibly a date sometime in the next school year. What is the current cost of the program?
Thank you.

12.07.10Tara Carrico

We lost our nine year old son to cancer in 2008. Since that time, we have been bringing assemblies to our school in his memory. Jace loved music and was a drummer. After watching your promo video, he would have LOVED this type of assembly.
I am wanting some additional information if possible. We are located in South Central Iowa - North Mahaska School.
Thank you so much,
Tara Carrico

07.06.10Carmen Hall

Hi, I am the Culatural Arts Committee Chair for Edgewood Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY. We are very interested in having Arthur Lee Land perform at our school. Please let me know if this will be possible and when. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Carmen

06.01.10Kerri Hollinger

Hello! I am the Music Teacher at Christ the King School in Norfolk, VA. I think your program is wonderful and I am very interested in learning more about having it at a school assembly. What is the cost?

Thank you so much!


Kerri Hollinger
CTK School
Music Teacher


I want to use a recoding of In The Perfect Groove as part of The Lutian Dance Concert Tour. And I want to play Fairfield. Regards to the brilliant Carol.

03.02.10James Johnson

Hello Arthur,
Hello Arthur Lee

Been a while since we have communicated. Glad to see your different sites. Looks & Sounds great! Drop a line when you can. Jim & Elizabeth Johnson 661 295-1093. Our websites: JimJohnsonEntertainment.com & LifestreamRecords.com

01.18.10Lara Jai

Hi Arthur,
I met you briefly at a house ocncert years ago in Lyons. I am a singer/songwriter and accompany myself on harp. I'd like to learn the basics of looping so I can use that in my shows. Are you offering any looping courses in Colorado this year? Also, do you have particular equipment you recommend to get started?

Thank you so much!

12.13.09Heather Summers

Hi there,
Just wondering when your master classes are being held and details like where, when, how long & how much?
Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Heather Summers (Wales, UK)


...say hey Arthur Lee Land ...smile

...Happy Holidays ! ...smile
...i wish You and Yours wellness this Holiday Season

...we met years ago at a Spirit Seekers Expo in the St. Louis, MO area ...i was running sound and performed on Saxophones, Flutes and Djembe
...i am the man that moved the two mains from their back stage position to your reqrested front stage position ...and then left to attend a workshop led by the late Ted Andrews (auther of Animal Speaks)
...at the time You suggested that live looping was the answer for my one man show ...you are right!
...i purchased the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus about 3 years ago ...Thank You
...well, ...i have read and read the users guide hoping to have it opperate/perform for me ...like your echoplex does for you
....i have a Mackie 1402 VLZ ...currently only using one mic input ...please help me
...my loops evaporate ...that is the recorded signal/sound doesn't last long ...it goes from a good volume to a low volume to silence in less that 2 minutes ...please help me
...i want to share my dreams with my listeners
...i want to use my echoplex effectively
...so if you could drop me an email and/or give me a phone call (314) 550-2743 ...that will be great ...smile
...i would love to have you explain a few things ...so that my loops loop ...smile
...i will be forever great-filled ...smile

...i started sharing my music again after my day job terminated 120 folks ...me too ...but alas i have my songs to live and live by
...i getting started again ...staying musically active
..however, ...i could sure use a bit of assistance
with my career ...where to seek out performance opportunities, etc
...i will do the work ...smile

...Thank You Arthur Lee Land ...smile
...Happy Holidays

...'til next we speak

Much Love


"Spiritual Jazz ...in the St. Louis Tradition"

say hey Arthur Lee Land,
...Check 'RAVEN WOLF' out in this cool interview on the 'Jazz Series 15th Anniversary Project' from Sarah Ginsburg on Vimeo

For bookings contact:

or call 314-550-2743

also at URL: http://www.myspace.com/ravenwolfgoodjazz
and at URL: http://www.facebook.com/ravenwolfgoodjazz

P.O. BOX 16292
CLAYTON, MO 63105-0992


hello arthur. i really dig your playing. i need either a lesson or a tab or some advice to do your b-bender playing you did on the looping vid on utube. it is tasteful playing and i want it. i am in los angeles. let me know what i can do

09.25.09Linda Dustin, Robert Frost School, Mt. Prospect, IL

A very talented musician, Arthur Lee Land, presented his unique "art" to our K-5 building on the opening day of school. His message of harmony in life, as well as harmony in music, was outstanding! Our students were mesmerized and totally engaged in this program. We want more!