Art of Live Looping Intro

Introduction to Arthur Lee Land's Art of Live Looping Educational Programs.

Musical Life Skills Assembly Promo

Musical Life Skills is a highly interactive, innovative and inspirational K-12 character education assembly program, presented by versatile musician and educator Arthur Lee Land. Arthur makes character education cool for kids, effectively imparting positive messages to students of all ages through his own original craft, The Art of Live-Looping. Growth-enhancing concepts of the Musical Life Skills program: Listening creates harmony; Getting along with others is crucial to attaining goals; Making healthy choices creates quality in life; Social diversity, teamwork, tolerance, anti-bullying; The real truth about ADHD kids - they have different learning styles and are highly creative.

Art of Live-Looping Tutorial Short

Arthur Lee Land walks you through the Art of Live-Looping

Art of Live-Looping Full Workflow Tutorial

ELIXIR Strings artist Arthur Lee Land shows step by step the art of looping. From percussion to banjo watch as he builds the tracks for his song Into the Waters.

LOOPY HD App for iPad Tutorial

Music Teacher Victoria Bailey shows you how easy LOOPY HD App for iPad is with this fun tutorial at Lyons High School in Lyons CO.

Art of Live-Looping in the Classroom

In this video Arthur demonstrates applications for the Art of Live-Looping in the Classroom using the Digitech Jamman Live-Looper Pedal. He shows how music teachers can facilitate student learning of all three parts of the round “Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a fun and interactive way using digital technology. Students will also assess and evaluate their performance in regards to pitch, rhythm and blend.

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Art of Live-Looping in the Classroom #2

Arthur and 6th grade Fairfield Middle School band teacher Mary Anderson demonstrate uses of the Art of Live Looping in the classroom with Charlie Parker's 12 bar blues tune "Now's The Time."

The Art of Live-Looping 101

Afrograss Folk Rock musician Arthur Lee Land explains the process of the Art of Live-Looping during an interview segment from his "Live Looping In The House" DVD.