The Art of Live-Looping Playshop or Masterclasses are geared towards High School and College age Music Students. Through dynamic performance, demonstration and audience participation, multi-instrumentalist Arthur Lee Land teaches the fundamentals in The Art of Live-Looping. The elements of musicianship, technology, sound engineer, arranger and entertainer all come together in this 21st century art-form. Learn how Arthur combines traditional instruments and emerging technologies to create an entire one-man band and how you can use live-looping to enhance your live performances. Live-looping is also a great tool for writing songs and practicing your instrument. Students will participate in improvised song creation and build their own loops.

1. Introduction
2. Live-Looping Demonstration/Explanation
3. Song Performance
4. Live-Looping Technique Analysis
5. Live-Looping Tools/Gear Analysis
6. Live-Looping Applications (stage, songwriting, practice studio & educational)
7. Live-Looping with Workshop Participants
8. Q & A

The main difference between Playshop and Master Class is the level at which we get into advanced techniques based on the age/knowledge and ability of the students.

Our students were blown away by the flexibility of your setup and your musicianship. It was so much more than they had expected!
--Todd Rosso, Program Chair, Institute of Production and Recording, Minneapolis, MN

The students REALLY enjoyed your performance and information sharing!
-- Lori Dokken—McNally Smith College of Music, St Paul, MN