Arthur Lee Land’s Art of Live-Looping K-12 Assembly Program gives students an intimate, hands-on look into this amazing hi-tech 21st Century art-form.

Using his own story as a “hyperactive" child, Arthur shares his unique viewpoint as a professional musician and recording artist who has reframed his perception of ADHD by way of the Hunter/Farmer Theory (See Hunter/Farmer Link) as a dynamic gift that has allowed him to become a global pioneer and innovator of the Art of Live-Looping.

Arthur’s highly interactive and inspirational program fully engages students as they participate in the process of improvised song creation by looping up their own parts. BOTH students AND teachers will leave with a new understanding of this incredible art-form along with a message that each of us have our own unique gifts and learning styles highlighting the importance of Hunters and Farmers working together in Harmony in the classroom and in life.